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Hydraulic Brake Parts

Integrated Ranges, Higher Security.

The comprehensive categories of our brake and clutch hydraulics are available for almost all vehicle types of European, American, Japanese, and Korean brands across the world. And our brake parts have been widely distributed in major aftermarkets and vehicle OEMs. From the brake master cylinder to the brake caliper, you can find any parts you need in brake parts systems. If not, explore our services for your specific customization.

With the intention and commitment to the safer braking and better integrity of vehicles, we produce every part in the highest precision standard down to details. As an experienced hydraulic cylinder manufacturer for over 15 years, we know our products, their interconnections and their functions perfectly. By virtue of our expertise, we've won numerous clients' praise and confidence in our high quality and reliability.

All-Round Guarantees, Peace of Mind

This market is large, but critical to ensure reliability. Why not minimize risks and benefit from our reassuring factors?

  • OE Specifications

    GDST is not a small workshop but a scaled brake parts factory adhering to IATF16949 and producing a large number of reliable hydraulic parts of original equipment standard that can be directly supplied to vehicle manufacturers and genuine aftermarkets. OE quality means higher performance and least negative impact on vehicles.

  • Complete Coverage

    At GDST, our range of brake master cylinders, brake wheel cylinders, clutch master cylinders, clutch slave cylinders, clutch release bearing, and brake calipers has covered around 98% of the vehicle models in the market. Especially for trucks, all hydraulic cylinders are available with us. All of those allow for your easier procurement.

  • Stable Supply

    Professional production and continuous availability are our promises to our partners. Unlike those vendors who may delay without any schedule or cause discrepancies, we are your trustworthy partner committed to the on-time and steady supply of your orders supported by our mature in-house production and rigorous quality management.

  • Assured Warranty

    We assure you a warranty of 1 year or 30,000km for our hydraulic parts. Besides, we're a direct manufacturer you can efficiently reach out to. You don't need to go through any middleman or wait with no virtual solutions, so you have nothing to worry about if there are any problems. We are always standing behind to protect your interests.