Quality Control for Higher Security

Brake Parts will crucially influence the vehicle safety performance. We take our responsibility meticulously for the maximum accuracy and safety of our parts, implement complete tests, aiming at the reassuring quality supply for the vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket wholesale.

Quality Assurance from GDST

  • Performance Stability

    Our hydraulic parts of tandem structure, durable making, and enduring finish are contributing to the reliable brake property for the vehicle.

  • Precise Specifications

    In the process of milling, grinding, and polishing, we ensure the highest precision of the parts detailed to the μm level for accurate features.

  • No Complaints

    From raw materials to finished products, we implement the top standard of manufacturing. Therefore, there have not been any quality complaints so far.

No Oil Leak

Leakage-free ensured by world-renowned rubber parts and seal rings leading in the industry.


Comprehensive In-House Tests

With full compliance to the IATF16949 requirements, we carry out all-round performance tests by our internal advanced equipment to ensure the integrity of the vehicles when using our brake parts.

  • Air Leak Test
  • Fatigue Test
  • High-low Temperature Test
  • Salt Spray Test
  • Sunlight Simulation Test
  • Pressure Test
  • worker testing brake parts on the inspection machine

    Air Leak Test

    Also known as airtightness test, to ensure no air flow through the wall of a vessel or sealed cylinder, so as to confirm the leak-tight safety specifications.

  • worker testing brake parts on the inspection machine

    Fatigue Test

    The test of alternating, cyclic, stress or strain load to check if any damage or cracking of the cast iron and cast aluminum to guarantee high metal endurance.

  • worker testing brake parts on the inspection machine

    High-low Temperature Test

    The environmental heating and cooling test of temperature from -100℃ to 300℃ to ensure parts reliability in severe environment conditions.

  • worker testing brake parts on the inspection machine

    Salt Spray Test

    The anti-corrosive performance is also vital for hydraulic parts. Therefore, a salt spray test is also taken to ensure the metals can last a long time without rust.

  • worker testing brake parts on the inspection machine

    Sunlight Simulation Test

    Another environmental test to inspect the hydraulic cylinders performance under a given light intensity and a temperature range from -50°C to 120°C.

  • worker testing brake parts on the inspection machine

    Pressure Test

    The high pressure test to measure the compression pressure value, ensuring the seamless sealing, and hydraulic brake pressure is at an appropriate level.

We Guarantee:

  • A long warranty of 1 year or 30,000km of lifespan, depending on which is due earlier.
  • Brake Parts of genuine equipment quality standards, with hardly any error rate.
  • High performance and durability under warranty.
  • Trouble-shooting of any problems around the clock.