Large-Scale Production

Equipped with sophisticated equipment and complete process, we stably yield brake parts in big volume.

  • Rigorous Manufacturing

    Upholding the highest manufacturing standard in the auto parts industry, we ensure the top accuracy and safety of the hydraulic parts, no matter for automotive OEMs or for the aftermarkets. These precise and serious production approaches are implemented throughout every manufacturing process.

    To make it even more accurate, for those parts without OE number or difficult to find, we provide custom services like sample production in a stringent way.

    focused worker looking at brake parts for strict production
  • Lean Production

    Our factory implements a fairly advanced production model in the industry, which combines the modern CNC machining and delicate hand-craft efficiently in a lean mode.

    All elements play their roles precisely in their positions without any waste, maximizing their advantages, and together helping to achieve the higher productivity.

    some workers on the lean manufacturing production line

Yearly Output of Brake Parts

  • 600k

    Brake Wheel Cylinders

  • 150k

    Brake Master Cylinders

  • 200k

    Clutch Master Cylinders

  • 200k

    Clutch Slave Cylinders

Integrated Production Process

From raw materials to finished products, we have quality control over every procedure down to details, aiming for high integrity.

worker checking incoming raw material of hydraulic parts

Incoming Raw Materials

Only quality cast iron, cast aluminum, sealant, ABS, and more are utilized.


rough CNC machining of hydraulic cylinder parts

Blanks Rough Machining

Automated CNC machines come into place to grind, turn, mill the raw parts.


finished CNC machining of brake parts parts

Blanks Finish Machining

Delicate machining will take place in manual grinding and milling machines.


a worker proceeding ultrasonic cleaning of brake parts

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Processed parts will then be cleaned thoroughly in ultrasonic equipment.


a worker assembling brake parts' components

Components Assembly

All necessary accessories will be assembled into finished parts.


a worker carrying out finished test of brake parts

Finished Tests

Air tightness, fatigue, high and low temperature tests will be carried out.


packaging the finished hydraulic brake parts

Parts Packaging

Full protection is ensured and color box is customizable for individual packing.


a worker using folklift to deliver brake parts to trucks

Parts Delivery

We support your fast delivery by express, by air, or by sea as required.


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Specialized Workshops

There are 10 workshops of specific functions built in our brake parts factory, where we produce and supply excellent products.

brake parts metal processing workshop

2 Metal Processing Workshops

For metal rough and finish processing by automatic machines or manual equipment.

brake parts assembly workshops

2 Assembly Workshops

For well processed components assembly and finished hydraulic cylinders output.

brake parts ultrasonic cleaning workshop

2 Ultrasonic Cleaning Workshops

For complete cleaning of the finished parts in the ultrasonic machines before packaging.

brake parts test and inspection workshop

1 Test and Inspection Workshop

For professional testing to make sure the qualified performance of For professional testing to make sure the qualified performance of finished products.

brake parts packaging workshop

2 Packaging Workshops

For the efficient packing of the brake parts with full protection and custom factors.