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Your Potential Challenges

It’s hard to decide between uneven quotations. Confused about which is the most suitable one for your project.


Your Potential Challenges

Can not find a complete range of brake parts from one supplier.


Your Potential Challenges

The minimums are too high to start my business with.


Your Potential Challenges

Fail to receive your parts in time or even have your project postponed for a long time.


Your Potential Challenges

Difficult to get some hydraulic parts that are tough to find.

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Individual Custom Services

  • Integrated Customization

    In need of some hydraulic parts that are not in the standard range, without OE or EAN numbers, or rare in the market? We are here to provide you customized molding solutions in accordance with your sample, photo, or product drawing with measurement. Our specialized engineers equipped with over 10 years of hydraulic cylinder R&D experience are poised to realize your special needs.

    Apart from parts molding, branded bespoke services are also accessible for logo printing, color box, and other packaging design to enhance your brand.

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    two engineers studying and comparing brake parts for customization
  • Additional Support

    In case there are still special cases like some extra parts we are not covering lately, we are able to flexibly leverage our local supply chain resources to help you get to whatever you need, and assist in some parts procurement within a certain range to further support your business.

    3 employees discussing for additional brake parts support

At Your Service throughout the Cooperation

How we help you achieve your business objectives in our partnership.

  • an employee replying emails for requirement identifications
    Requirement Identification

    To verify your demands of parts by the OE number, product photo, drawing, or sample. Better service starts from an adequate understanding.

  • engineers workers discussing and organizing brake parts production
    Production Organization

    Upon the confirmation on your needs, we start our in-house production of high accuracy and efficiency. We will follow up and ensure timely manufacture.

  • an engineer inspecting hydraulic cylinder for strict quality management
    Quality Management

    We sit on the same side of the table with our clients so that we take emphasis on the strict quality control in compliance with IATF16949 to assure the OE quality.

  • some workers packing hydraulic parts to arrange delivery
    Delivery Arrangement

    Time is money. Waiting is losing. Unlike some small workshops, we always guarantee clients prompt delivery on or before schedule to promote sales.